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China Compostable Biodegradable Daily Products

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Description: Biodegradable disposable forks
Item code: YKDS224
Length is 6.2"
Brown color
Pack of 50,100,200,250 for you choose.
100% biodegradable and compostable forks.

Extra long utensil means no more having to fumble with small disposable utensils. Our large 6.2 in. compostable forks allow for firm grip while piercing through tough fruit or steak.

Our disposable eco friendly forks with a premium matter finish are designed to be durable. they give you that high quality feel without absorbing hot liquids or softening like disposable wooden cutlery.

All natural, enjoy your food with non-GMO planted based forks. No BPA, Chlorine or toxic chemicals that may be found in plastic. No risk of splinters or popsicle after taste while eating or tasting like with wooden utensils.

Our eco-friendly products are suited for the entire food industry ranging from events and catering, to retail food packaging, replacing the need for non-renewable products such as plastics and styrofoam.

The environment will thank you and you will thank yourself for using this biodegradable disposable products.

Contact us for more details. China Compostable Biodegradable Daily Products

posted Feb 24 by Patcvihiaiy

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Model: HJ115P-1Model: HJ115P-2
Straight Blade Plug , Nema 1-15P, 2- pole, 2-wire, Non-grounding. Rating 15 Amp, 125V.
For this rating electrical plug and connectors, we offer two combination for customers' choice. Both of them are commercial use.
For HJ115-1 series, the back housing is PVC material, and support metal screw clamps. The terminal screw clamps are designed to contain wire and prevent binding.Terminal screws backed out – ready for wiring. Terminals in individual chambers to positively insulate conductors.
For HJ115-2 series, the back housing is PC material, and the wiring clamps is also PC material. This series are designed for light commercial applications, where ease-of-use.
Question and Answer
1. Q: May I know the package style?
A: We offer package method with neutral blank carton. 200pcs/carton.
2. Q: What's the lead time for a regular order?
A: 45 days for normal production.
3. Q: Are all straight blade plug and connectors UL/CUL approval?
A: Yes, they are UL/CUL listed.
4. Q: What's the MOQ for each item?
A: For a factory package, we have MOQ with 100pcs.
5. Q: Can we get several samples for review ?
A: Of course ok.
Trade Show
We attend the Canton Fair twice each year. Our products range cover floor box, dimmer switch, straight plugs and connectors, electrical switches and receptacles, sensors and timers, GFCI's. and Z-WAVE products. The main market is North America and South America, Mid-east countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE etc.
Credibility and Honors
Factory ReviewChina Plugs and Connectors suppliers

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In the production of galvanized steel wire, various types of high-quality carbon structural steel are drawn and then galvanized. After scientific processing, a good quality product is formed. The surface of Galvanized Steel Wire for Armoured is very smooth and smooth, with virtually no cracks, spurs and so on. The coating is very uniform, has a strong adhesion, and has a long lasting corrosion resistance. It has a professional production process, has a strong elasticity, a certain degree of toughness, and excellent performance. At the time of production, it needs to be repeatedly bent, bent at least 13 times, with strong toughness, very uniform plating layer and very thin thickness.
Packing: Coil, Spool
Standard:JIS G 3547, YB/T 5294; BS EN 10244-2; ASTM A641; etc.
zinc layer
Meet the requirements of "GB/T15393 steel wire galvanizing layer" and related standards.
Galvanized Steel Wire for Armoured is used to manufacture low current, low and medium voltage cables such as energy, telecommunications, instrumentation, traffic signals, underwater and data.China Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire factory

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Description of products:
Main used in the optical module.The ultra-thin composite base plate made of ceramic substrate has excellent electrical insulation performance, high thermal conductivity, excellent soft soldering and high adhesion strength, and has great current-carrying capacity.
Structure2L PCB
Surface copper1OZ
Hole copper25um
Surface finishedENIG
Alumina contains the elements aluminum and oxygen. If the bauxite raw material is chemically treated to remove oxides of silicon, iron, titanium, etc., the product obtained is a high purity alumina raw material, and the Al2O3 content is generally above 99%. The mineral phase consists of 40% to 76% γ-Al2O3 and 24% to 60% α-Al2O3. γ-Al2O3 can be converted to α-Al2O3 at 950-1200 °C, and significant volume shrinkage occurs at the same time.
Chemical properties
Reacts with acid:
Al2O3 + 6HCl = 2AlCl3 + 3H2O
Al2O3 + 6H+ = 2Al3+ + 3H2O
Reacts with molten alkali:
Al2O3 + 2NaOH == 2NaAlO2 (sodium metaaluminate) + H2O
React with alkaline solution:
Al2O3+ 2NaOH +3H2O = 2Na[Al(OH)4] (sodium tetrahydroxyaluminate)
It can also be abbreviated as: Al2O3+2OH-=2AlO2-(metaluminate ion)+H2O
Physical properties
Quantity: 101.96 amu
Melting point: 2303 K
Boiling point: 3250 K
True density: 3.97 g/cm3
Bulk density: 0.85 g / mL (325 mesh ~ 0) 0.9 g / mL (120 mesh ~ 325 mesh)
Crystal structure: Trigonal system (hex)
Solubility: insoluble in water at normal temperature
Conductivity: non-conductive at normal temperature
Al2O3 is an ionic crystal
Thermochemical properties:
ΔfH0liquid 1620.57 kJ/mol
ΔfH0solid 1675.69 kJ/mol
S0liquid, 1 bar 67.24 J/mol·K
S0solid 50.9 J/mol·K
The company's products have provided products and services for more than 20 countries in the world, such as the United States, Germany, France and other countries, as well as European, American and Asian countries.In 2018, the sales volume was 350 million, and in 2018, the production sales target of Yellowstone plant was 450 million.
The company is always technology-oriented and provides cutting-edge services and high-end Multilayer PCB, Flex PCB, Rigid Flex, Anylayer and Backboard products for the world. In 2012, the company has possessed the capacity of 2-100l Rigid Flex, 2-20l MLFPC, 12L Anylayer FPC in engineering production technology.
The company always provides services for the development of the global electronic industry with its leading products and technologies. Its products cover a variety of fields, including high-speed railway, medical care, aerospace, communications, industrial control, etc, providing the source and impetus for the development of the global electronic industry.
The company has 80 engineers and technicians with rich industry experience and expertise, and provides customers with professional and timely engineering technical consulting and engineering data processing services;
Core values: unity, pragmatism, innovation and win-win, guided by cutting-edge technologies;
Objective direction: oriented by cutting-edge technology, providing customers with the best products and services;
C-flex people have been working hard to adhere to core values, be oriented by cutting-edge technologies, contribute to the advance and development of the global electronics industry.
In the process of quality control, the company invested a lot of quality testing instruments and equipment to ensure process and shipment quality requirements.
The company has passed a number of international standards certification, covering the industry's systematic management requirements.
Create first - class quality, first - class service, first - class timeliness and finally achieve first - class manufacturing.
In order to ensure that the products meet the requirements of 5G Internet of things, our company provides the raw materials for well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, such as panasonic, dupont, ISOLA, NELCO, ROGERS, SY, ITEQ, Arisawa, Tatsuta, Innox, Taiyo, DOW, Arlon, Taconic, Taiflex, SK, Doosan.There is the different of material,such as Epoxy resin,Teflon,Metal base,LCP,Ceramic,Polyimide.
Products used in many fields,Communication industry,Automotive industry,Medical electronics,Industrial automatic,Aerospace field,Military filed of radar of senser, Astronomical of senser. The many fields of high frequence connector.
Complete laboratory construction to provide accurate testing of quality process and products.
Professional engineering technology and product consultation service
4 hours quotation service
Urgent delivery service
Focus on developing sample board and batch production

C-Flex circuit LTD
Provides you with the best PCB manufacturing and service.
Web: www.rigid-flex-pcb.comCeramic Base Dielectric PCB Made in China