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2K has to be laughing at what they have done when they set up all time teams. The bucks have beasly and thon manufacturer. Ok Covington remains Covington and now can't rebound but includes a shot not really worth updating from the bead in my opinion with NBA 2K21 MT. Was just going to ask him about. Saw he went for like 95 and compared him and there is no comparison. What's he so expensive? His bead has ever been a card great shot good defense. Tydebo hyped up him today and enjoys the card. He is really a and 3 guy though, pascal gives you a lot more and is similar. He's a truly fantastic guardian though.

Is it that people play with danger online and not go mad? Be it the lag or watching my teammates sabotaging my chances of doing nothing, or behaving erratically and confused, I am at a loss. How is it such a different experience than offline? Help! I've avoided the manner since February when opals obtained additional. People complain about the cheese & exploits in MTU however TTO is at least as bad. Stay home was set by you in the settings and your players still leave. With spamming and displays into behind the back I not.

I have zero reason to believe that, but I've a sense that Demarcus Cousins is gonna be an opal token reward, should they update the market. And that he's gonna be an card. Based on that reasoning I'm gonna hold off on getting Derozan and rescue my tokens. In the alternative, I am gonna save my tokens if there's a goat Duncan in the (optimistic ) token upgrade. Just a feeling that are marketplace guys that are token. I'm with you. He absolutely deserves an opal, especially with all the opals that they are throwing out like candy at a parade. That would be fine, he's worthy of an Opal. So I cop loved his launch.

Okay (like a meter player) something I see/get a great deal from no-meter players when I overcome them is that"meter provides you so many whites" or"meter receives all of the algo" or"having meter on gives the top animations" etc. IF that was the case, why do people play with no meter? Like if you truly believe that no meter is a drawback so why can you play without it?? Secondly, I really don't see why meter/no meter or despise over whites going in are problems. 2K labs has shown that there is actually no"perfect time" in 2K. That the"best" timing only greens like 90 percent of the time and still misses like 3% of the time. They revealed you may get greens a bit that was good on either side of the timing that was best.

When it comes down to it, a lot can be varied by even green in between games. With this being said, I do believe there ought to be an ideal time window that is 100% green & that should never green outside, but this isn't the 2K we have. I used to do some meter but couldn't tell the difference. So I moved meter on just to know when a shot has been contested and it helps to understand if I'm pulling too fast/slow on a specific player. But guys like rj Hampton for me are much more forgiving with a 3pt evaluation that is less than say that a man like porzingas or Booker.

Ensure it is time based. You do not miss but make although basically if you greening. Make pictures which are near greens a clip and so on. If you're timing your shots and they're open there is no reason why people shouldn't make them a tiny RNG is nice because that's kinda how basketball and sports are they are random and anything could happen but 2K needs to scale back it on create the skill gap larger by penalizing badly timed/contested shots and rewarding accurately timed/uncontested shots.

I feel like it is already that way for the most part except greening might be difficult. Not at all lol the punishment for mistiming shots isn't true or consistent people and whatsoever green way. 1 week earlys go at at a top rate the lates do the slightlys do lol like off you timed it, why wouldn't it just be based? I'll tell you why since NBA 2K is shit and they would rather use some horrible RNG algorythm which rubberbands NBA 2Kplay and clearly gives players benefits based on nothing but imaginary"momentum" not ability or IQ fucking composed dumbass pre-decided BS like why could anybody ever think that that's a good idea esp for internet play lol it's like half the time.

I really don't feel like I'm playing another person I am enjoying this dumb algorythm that just randomly decides when I start making shots and when I begin bricking it is unbelievably dumb and makes NBA 2K incredibly predictable rather than fun. I don't get when folks say this Buy NBA 2K Coins. People today claim it's to easy to green but majority of players that I confront can't green in TTO(been a while since I played boundless ). I rather they maintain greening exactly the exact same but if you don't green do not make it. Dudes have 99 threes together with all of the shooting badges but nevertheless can not green a shot and 2K needs to punish them.

posted Sep 6 in General by Amerzone

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Two things right off the bat. This post will be long. My apologies, please try to keep with me. Although this post is extremely critical of recent changes to RuneScape gold -- actual and proposed -- I wish to stress that I am thankful for all the hard work Jagex employees have set into RuneScape. I love efforts and your enthusiasm. However, the hard work of Jagex doesn't obviate certain concerns I have for the future of RuneScape. As a community we should be VERY concerned with the suggested slayer upgrade. Not just because of the upgrade itself, but what it means for future development choices.

I fear Jagex has lost sight of what OSRS is; that is concerning from the company that gave EOC to us. Since the Reddit community is aware, there has been backlash against the Slayer update. Criticisms have concentrated on a plethora of issues, but perhaps the largest is that using the 15% damage/accurate bonus of the Slayer Helmet into a boss-only Slayer Master, would be exceptionally overpowered and would forcefully shift the entire PvM meta.

Rather than tackle this foundational issue -- that this update is too large, too meta-shifting, too much of a buff -- Jagex, at a tone-deaf reply, has focused on smaller"concessions" (more about this later). Jagex's approach is not malicious by any stretch, but it is an illustration of"dropping the forest for the trees" This upgrade can't and shouldn't be viewed as a series of proposals to be looked at in vacuum.

Well, let's think more foundationally: what is OSRS? OSRS is significantly more popular than RS3 as most are aware. There are a lot of reasons for this, however, most fundamentally, it comes to nostalgia (for youth ); and a series of exceptionally unpopular changes in RS3. The changes include notably EOC, trade removals and wilderness, as well as a push towards Microtransactions, EzScape, and DailyScape. In other words, the success of OSRS can be read as a backlash against RS3: and, more specifically, a backlash against many modifications.

It's unsurprising that at OSRS Jagex has polled many of the most critical changes that are in-game. They want to avoid. Given the backdrop of the failures of RS3, I write to remind we need CONSERVATIVE updates, which don't basically change RuneScape. Mind you, that does NOT mean"no new updates." New content is required to maintain RuneScape fresh and individuals. People are weary of new content that lacks an old-school sense: content that's too overpowered and. The Slayer that is proposed update ventures into this land.

Indeed, in its own website post, Jagex describes just 1 part of the suggestion as:"This sounds mad strong, right? That's as it's." Developers need to be weary that they are presiding over a fanbase which is weary of big changes. The Slayer proposal is a change. This seems lost on Jagex, that has been extremely disheartening. I will not go into much detail with all the proposed slayer modifications, as those have been covered with criticisms throughout this forum. However, I want to reiterate my issue isn't with any 1 proposal in vacuum; it is about the nature of the change.

The issue here is that this change is too meta-shifting and too strong. It runs afoul of why players prefer OSRS over RS3 of the principles. The Slayer Helmet is the offender. The PvM bossing meta alters. Sure, in specific instances, a player may wish to farm a boss off-task, let's say for motives. But outside of this? This slayer master offers an and leveling-method. For all those worried about"EZSCAPE," -- which remains one of the biggest criticisms of all RS3 -- that is a bad offender.

The 15 percent damage/accuracy bonus doesn't just allow for more kills each hour, it enables players to bypass certain boss mechanisms, save on gear, and to perish less; the rewards are more than the usual 15% enthusiast to bossing, as they are multiplicative. None of this even cites task storage, divine reliquary (nerfing GWD), or boss teleport scrolls, all which further buff the player and simplify the material.

As much as the participant base loves Slayer, people don't want a skill to be revolved around by PvM. I don't wish to feel like I am missing out because I do not wish to grind supervisors via slayer. The issue with this upgrade is OSRS Gold For Sale that this slayer master is SO OVERPOWERED it is going to put a good deal of people into this embarrassing,"fear of missing out" situation. In this sense, it is meta-shifting. And with that meta-shift, there are concerns, articulated all-over this discussion, that link to over-crowding along with the market. Given the curt dismissal of those concerns of Jagex, I am not convinced they have thought through the implications of the meta-shift.

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