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I've set targets of attaining 40 attack

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Is that a good OSRS gold thing? It's hard to say if the price of rune ore would plummet, seeing as though you will find more rune rocks avaliable for free gamers to mine, I can't find that many free to perform having 85 mining and over merely to mine rune ore. If they're members, they've better rune spots to mine at instead of the one at the mining guild.

So despite the increase in avaliability of rune stones, there's not enough people to take advantage of it (imo) in order to cause that big a price decrease. The cost would likely drop with a k or two, but not just like a rock. In terms of the guild, idk about you personally, however, it was already fairly crowded before the source dungeons upgrade. Lots of coal rocks and a few miths made it popular with players who wanted to superheat ores while mining, therefore I believe that this update may add an average of a few more folks to the guild.

Right... well I post a lot asking about what to do with accounts and to be fair I only wish to train 1 account to be rich and have a high combat level, so I think its best if I just stick with ONE account. I've got one which is level 78 which is my members accounts, this is my first ever account, but he is poor (only has 2 mill). My target's for this account was to get every ability to 70 however im not convinced, as I would like too but I rather get caught up with other reports since im tired of doing one skill. (His abilities are in my signature).

My Second account: I've set targets of attaining 40 attack, 60 strength, 70 range & magical. (Currently the account im instruction on). My Third accounts is a all around account, but its own combat skills around just around 30-40 for each one, but might be made better. My fourth accounts is really a skiller. None of these are members apart the very first one I mentioned about (the level 78). I'd like to improve my level 78 but im not sure what to train first for cash to get me started for getting all other abilities to 70, but then again I wouldn't mind training my pure accounts (the second one I said about) but he needs to buy RS3 gold be improved so badly! So what if I do?!

posted Oct 14 by Sunxuemei

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All areas of RuneScape 2107 gold now represent some part of medieval Europe or the near east. That really only leaves Mediterranean/Southern Europe, so it would be logical for the new continent to resemble Italy/Spain/Greece. I believe that you could integrate iron era concepts in to this. By way of example, you could have two big cities that resemble Carthage and Rome (Carthage employs elephants, please). The two are not at war, but have been previously and are currently in the middle of a tense standoff. The road between them is highly guarded and you will be attacked by tough foes if you attempt to travel along it. You could have either one town"great" and one town"bad" and also have quests where your character fights for the fantastic city or you might have them both on equal footing. The men and women who live here would resemble Celts and they're looked down upon as savages by the southerners. They're somewhat like Fremenniks, but these individuals are hunter-gatherers and reside in considerably smaller settlements. They're also in conflict with one if both cities to the southwest, which is trying to expand into their land. I think this could be a fantastic place to have the raiding dungeons thing, if that's what Jagex wants. I'm not sure why this is being pushed to us, at a recent survey solo bosses got twice as much support. I'm worried it is going to be an artisan kind of scenario, where Jagex retains polling it and players say no. I think what OSRS wants is a intricate solo boss, like the QBD of 2012. I say similar to the QBD because it initially existed in the old battle system which was quite basic, but also had mechanisms that were complicated for the time. I am not saying the mechanics should be exactly the same, though possibly the dragon kiteshield would be a good drop. The game itself isn't interesting enough to make me wish to play with, heck I have been so disinterested of games in general that I haven't even purchased Fallout 4 nonetheless.

I have been tempted to but I am always able to change my thoughts last second, which is actually mad taking into account how much I love Fallout. Just to give you an idea I bought Skyrim months and months until it's release, and was there watching the Steam countdown so that I could install the game when possible. I played the game on the day of launch and was extremely disappointed to learn my notebook could buy RS3 gold not run it properly, so much I ended up purchasing a much better gaming laptop just so I could enjoy it and similar matches to the fullest. And I really don't like TES as far as I enjoy Fallout.

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An investment in a Real world advertising budget to RuneScape gold address the issues I raised & (hopefully) bring in a new generation of gamers, or return of the ones that have left & may visit":thats exactly what it is like now?" Could solve the guaranteed monthly cash flow problems. Television, game & print shop advertisements on a large international basis wont be cheap though. Whether this hasn't occured since the budget is genuinely that tight, then they want to correct the match (bots) before proceeding ahead or they simply cba to spend the money is guesswork. My preference: Twist the SOF back to free spins only, & put some thought to a marketing section - theres just so much cash you can get out of the (relative) few who really do play, but theres a world full of fresh pockets out there if you tell them just where to come.

I really don't like how the wilderness will be all single or all multicombat. All skillers will go to solitary, making the multicombat worlds vacant except maybe for a couple of big clans that waste hours searching for each other. The wilderness how it's right now is nice. Yes. Right now the wilderness is poor, this will make it even worse. There's no point in visiting a multi battle world in case your skilling.

Once the wilderness was during its peak in action, there was some thing like a food chain. Trainers and single individual pkers were searched by small, unorganized multiple player classes (teams), little organized clans hunted the teams, and bigger coordinated clans hunted the small clans and every other. Right now, there really are not any coaches (there are different places to mine rune today and I'm not even certain if the boneyard is still about ), so the activity has truly died. In freeplay in which I play, even the deep jungle is most likely as safe as many the other areas in the freeplay world. Jagex tries to help clans by creating clan support material like citadels and clan chats. However, if they are really interested in helping clans they should concentrate on improving wilderness activity. Put incentives for people like trainers to venture outside in the wilderness (for instance, experience rewards and maybe more training areas).

And knock out these single battle wilderness worlds. Either leave the wilderness as it's with single battle zones or induce single combat pkers to use another PvP area. It's a simple, common sense idea really and will probably benefit the clans and the wilderness greater than any clan support update has. I understand that had little to do with the authentic new battle system but I needed to find that out. Being a freeplayer, I can only access a small portion of the Runescape Map, therefore this does not really disturb me. But I was looking at the map now and noticed how little real land has been added to the mainland in the past eight(?) Years approximately. This is because there's actually no room for expansion. Most of the mainland is surrounded with water right now and Jagex appears not to need to reverse their programming by getting rid of the water and placing land over it. They've been able to go around this water barrier using islands to insert new material, but they could only do so for so long without sacrificing the feeling of rs3 gold a mainland.

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Hey , Iv'e got a RS3 gold funny story to tell you about my own ban experience. A number of you will laugh a number of you may feel bad idk haha whatever. So I got a 24 hour prohibit the other day and that I was pretty mad about it since I didn't believe I did anything wrong. I was noted for botting and the banning was a minor macroing ban. Either way I don't even know how to bot lmao. I figured I wont bother appealing it because it was just a day so I went on with my organization.

The following day I get on and detect that my lender is messed up. . .YES JAGEX eliminated many of my precious items as punishment... actually an incredible amount. I was angry but what can I really do. . . .is now 97. . .my 90 mining is 89 and all my other stats are down at least two levels. . .except thief... thats still 99,... currently im absolutely furious.

Guess I have a lot of work to perform. . .anyways ultimately the 3rd thing that they did that was probably the thing that pis*&Id off the most is that my whole bank account was rearragned and no more in order. . .OCD kicked . . .they dont even know how long that required me to set up lmao! Guess I have a great deal of work ahead of me. Either way... only the fact that there is bots upsets me because that's the main reason this all occurred. Comment out if out of all of the punishments..the reality that the whole bank was rearranged would pis* off you the most!

SCENARIO: Sudden changes are occurring in Jagex headquarters. Activity amounts are low, there is discontent among the active players, and the staff has run out of ideas. In order to bring the game back to its former glory in middle school campuses throughout the Earth, Jagex fires the current head of Runescape and makes the decision to hire you for that position.

You are currently the head of a huge multiplayer game and have increased sway. There is a problem however: what do you need to do? If I were the thoughts of Runescape I'd confess not only is Runescape fighting but the genre is struggling (see World of Warcraft for example). However, one such match is going strong and that is League of Legends. I wouldn't copy what League of Legends is performing but try to OSRS Money check at several things you can learn from that match.

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I want to find RuneScape gold this much money in 240 hours, 300 being the maximum. Please dont suggest I struggle green dragons, they are overly crowded now adays. Ps: The oak logs would be utilized to make pine larders, and the limestone bricks could be produced into rock fireplaces. Also, I am looking for money making construction and methods raising methods only!

I'm a level 70 with the subsequent battle stats: Strength-66(34k xp into adv to 67)/70. Attack-54(5k xp to adv to 55)/60. Defence-52(9k xp to adv into 53)/60. Hitpoints-59(16k to adv to 60)/60. Range-too low to state. I struggle in the following equipment: Rune ful helmet. Rune platebody. Saradomin platelegs. Rune scimitar (I have baxe, 2h, dagger also ). Rune kiteshield. Rune gauntlets(charged). Explorers ring . Amulet of strength. Money:276k. What if I kill to achieve my goals?Will I must take a pal?Will I want food? If yes, what type? Thank you for your time,

Since this is a PvP world pure not only a BH pure I felt it belonged in here since the PvP worlds are not a mingame as such. Right well in the moment my primary account is stuck at F2P for the moment except to pass the time that I thought I'd return to an accounts (pure) I made while the wildy was there fairly after BH arrived and am looking about beginning with with the addition of PvP worlds. Oh and if you are wondering it's the lamest name. Names I'd. Skill - Current/Goal. Attk - 40/40. . Def - 5/5 (Don't ask me why I got 5 def. Made acc. Range - 38/40 (Currently training to 40 now. Shouldn't take long.) . HP - 44/Whatever it ends up at.

Both Prayer and Magic still level 1. Equipment I plan to PK in. Complete Steel Helm. Str Ammy. Steel Plate. Steel Kite. Rune Scimmy. Green d'hide chaps. SoS Boots. I'd also like some basic advice one how to PK with this OSRS Money set up and these levels. Str too low for Rune 2h KOing? Use any range at all? Suggestions, comments and ideas all welcome.

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Hi once again. I want serious information about RuneScape gold Dragon slayer quest. My principal acc in the sport is Vilnietiz2. I am missing 5 quest points, but can do this together with the Ernest the Chicken. Now I'm f2p person. The problem is, I'm gonna to do Dragon Slayer. My problem is my weakness. I can train on quite low enemis. Commonly these are lvl 9-19-21 guards of al-Kharid, Falador and Varrock. I can withstand duel with mountain giants. However, when I experience White knights, I confront the problem they do hit me and make sufficient damage (around 5 hp at one hit). Tried to duel with ice giants (due to their drops) - the bigger problem, they struck very severely.

So, if enemy that's equal to me, causes serious problems, meeting with enemy almost twice as powerfull, could be tragedy. After I'd acc with att 50, str 50, def 50, all rune (except platebody) and rune scimitar + potion of strenght + all inventory of high-level meals + antidragon shield. Elvarg devoured me. This time I will not neglect. That's why I need an serious advice. I've got some options: 1) abandon everything but defense. Train protection to Elvarg level (that can be 83).

It shouldn't bother me if my hit will be 10 - if I'm invincible to dragon's attack, it's ok. 2) abandon anything but strenght. In my top hit is not 11, however, say, 20 - I will complete evil dragon earlier and save on defense. 3) train all in equal levels and reach at all 70s: att 70, str.70, def 70. The best would be 83, although it may require some time. In top?levels (like 80s) I may own cocroaches both due to xp and fall. However, what about low level, like lousy 50?

I'M GETTING MY WINGS! However, I need help! I want to hear some activites to do while PC. This is going to take quite a while and I'm making weekly schedules(an activity while I pc) Ironic... I figure out if I'm gonna PC while PCing. I am good at Doing so mindlessly and will only get better at it. Let me hear what you do or what I must do to maintain a fair mind whilst doing this.

List up to Now. I bought DBZ season 1 to watch while I PC (900 minutes) and will be receiving the others shortly. Films. Go online forums. Play other games that are click then ceased (so I can continue looking at runescape) I really should know some games liek this men, please let me know. Workout - its do . What I can't do: Read a novel. Do assignments. Talk to buy rs 3 gold individuals via telephone -- thats hard.