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I always wanted to play with EVE online

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FWIW, EVE can only be downloaded on one of eve echoes isk my Chromebooks (Pixel Slate) and not two others.Not that it matters for Geforce Currently, unless they're bypassing some Chromebooks for other reasons...I played with EO consistently for about 8 decades, and also on-and-off sporadically for the following 3. I've got capital boats, I have countless isk, I've hit trillions earlier but lost the drive to drive hard as I gained greater irl responsibilities (needing to pay a mortgage really is a bitch let me inform youI miss my carefree years).

Then came EVE, also it offered what I wanted. Casual EVE. I'm not a carebear by any means, I've done my time in large, low, null, sov, WH, it all. I've been in nigh-endless wars that never seem to really change front lines that much, I've been the winner, so I've been the failure, I have had huge profits, I've gotten a freighter popped. EVE is fun in so many facets, and a number of my finest memories still revolve around blopdrops, sitting round orbiting a blop for seven hours only to have two moments of popping through the Cyno for a twenty minute fight and running away to regroup. To a lot of people, that is a lot of wasted time, I didn't even get loot. But it was FUN.

EVE does not have to be EO. Bubbles are a mistake. Taking away safe afk autopilot is a mistake. We don't need another EO, we have already GOT EO. If we desired to have several accounts and scout and perform all the time-consuming bullshit inherent with mid-to-high level gameplay in EO, we'd still be on EO. SO MANY OF US are tired of that continuous time investment and we can not do it anymore, even if we would like to. Playing with EE has left me need to look in my own EO account again and just twist around in my dreadnought, though it is still around (can't remember where I parked it tbh, might be long gone when I parked it in a corp base, which I am fine with).Allow me to start off by saying I always wanted to play with EVE online, but never did. To advanced, grind parade nightmirror, and waaaaay to much attention was needed alongside a learning curve which blew off my head.

Devs amazes us the idea: When EVE Echoes was announced as a"Condensed" version on mobile, I got super excited! Only a few buttons, easy learning curve yet still complex enough to be enjoyable, and cartoring to"Mobile" players with AFK travel (This was a selling point from the devs themselves) You can AFK, or if you get disconnected, telephone call, wifi, or real life issues suddenly need your attention. They SOLD THIS GAME as a mobile game with the guarantee it could cater to phone users. We didn't make this up in our small heads, they told us flat out,"AFK" was a thing. They even stressed that if you only have a few minutes, log on, then ship your boat some where to perform a fast delivery, log off.

Release: So when the game was published, the next for months went by in a blink! This game was fun, and guess what, you still died in Null sec to a great many things/senariors*. What? You can't AFK travel anymore? Why? (Well EO players chimed in, scout ahead) Are you kidding me? Its a PHONE GAME! (Sure folks take action, but that is still not a"Telephone" game or buy EVE Mobile ISK what the devs SOLD us.

posted Nov 9 in General by Mmoruki

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