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With my stats and ranged gear would be able to array green drags for profit?

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I hear that RuneScape gold pest management gives you exp in a skill of your choice, yet for some reason on my conclusion I havent been abale to locate a thing about this site explaining just what it is. So insted of takeing the time to place a hyperlink or fire me to my own inabilitys, just say yes or no. Can I train prayer efficiently af pest management if im a ranger? You can xp in any battle ability of your choice, HP, Defence, Attack, Power, Magic, Ranged and Prayer. I know I'm going to find red dhide for a armor. However what I don't know what im going to use is my bow. Initially I was going to use a d bow, but I read and alot of folks claimed it is unnaturally slow, so I don't understand what to utilize now.I'm considering that a mage brief, but I recently heard theres a mage chemical. I'm nearly completely clueless here dudes, and this is probably my most important question.

I am not a master of scope, but I think both of the Dragon Bow and Mage Composite Bow are slow. I think that the Magic Shortbow is the very best shot before 65-70 (at the stage Dorgeshuun C'Bow is helpful ) I watched to a youtube vid that the fleash eaters or w/e they are (the things that look like giant potatoe bugs) in stronghold (I belive lvl 3) drop herbs and other good items in members. Can anyone vouch that particular claim? Im not very certain if it was runescape or even moper or w/e its predicted. They drop a lot of herbs, and they really do exist. They're in the southeastern corner of the Stronghold, Floor 2. You don't need to be a member to visit'em, go pay a visit. However, you do need to become a member to acquire herbs.

With my stats and ranged gear would be able to array green drags for profit? If you are able to discover a safespot, and a not so crowded area, yes. Quite beneficiary. I've seen people sayin that some lvl 42-60 monsters (namely mossgiants) can drop lower dragon things. Is this about equal odds of a lesser droppin a rune med helm? There are only 2 lower dragon items, which many creatures (anything which drops uncut gems) have buy RS3 gold a possibility of falling: Dragon Spear (I have gotten 1 in my life, it is rare) and Dragon Shield Left Half (very rare). They are nowhere near like the simplicity in getting a Rune Med Helm.

posted 4 days ago by Sunxuemei

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The 200th Quest: The Elven Quest. Wants OSRS gold Priffindas to be released. Rather than being published all at once, open it up over time. 1 week, crystal crafting. Another week, crystal construction and combat. (shows concept art). Says Seren is your town, that she chased through it. Requires Priffindas to be the Varrock for high levels. Idea was a Mourning's End Part 3 kind of thing, but changed now. Could be a world event around Seren possibly, at which everyone is working together to get shards of Seren to reassemble her. At approximately 185 quests at the moment. However, if it may be performed earlier, will be performed sooner. Grandmaster pursuit regarding the elves, but could also be another low level quest about the elves. How will Seren react to being reassembled? Any connections with Guthix? Shows Seren concept artwork, says it'll be used sometime next year.

So today that Runescape is comparatively dead, what do you believe Jagex could have done to increase the longevity of Runescape? I can't really think of this a popular game proceed south as awful as it has, at least from my standpoint. With my personal bias I would have to say the motion from simplistic skills to more complex and hard to pick up activities was a fairly bad decision. Dungeoneering (once I played with ) never felt like a concrete art which could be applied out the area. Summoning at least may be used most places.

I believe like Runescape definitely could still be going strong

Their focus on graphics and tiny updates was unsatisfactory to me as well, one of Runescape's attractions were the quests and I feel as though they missed out on some great opportunities. (Elf town??) I actually think their quest system is among the best out of this MMOs that I have played, and yet I really don't see a lot being published as of late. Maybe I'm just bitter, but that I believe like Runescape definitely could still be buy RS gold going strong if they had gone in another direction.

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Hey , Iv'e got a RS3 gold funny story to tell you about my own ban experience. A number of you will laugh a number of you may feel bad idk haha whatever. So I got a 24 hour prohibit the other day and that I was pretty mad about it since I didn't believe I did anything wrong. I was noted for botting and the banning was a minor macroing ban. Either way I don't even know how to bot lmao. I figured I wont bother appealing it because it was just a day so I went on with my organization.

The following day I get on and detect that my lender is messed up. . .YES JAGEX eliminated many of my precious items as punishment... actually an incredible amount. I was angry but what can I really do. . . .is now 97. . .my 90 mining is 89 and all my other stats are down at least two levels. . .except thief... thats still 99,... currently im absolutely furious.

Guess I have a lot of work to perform. . .anyways ultimately the 3rd thing that they did that was probably the thing that pis*&Id off the most is that my whole bank account was rearragned and no more in order. . .OCD kicked . . .they dont even know how long that required me to set up lmao! Guess I have a great deal of work ahead of me. Either way... only the fact that there is bots upsets me because that's the main reason this all occurred. Comment out if out of all of the punishments..the reality that the whole bank was rearranged would pis* off you the most!

SCENARIO: Sudden changes are occurring in Jagex headquarters. Activity amounts are low, there is discontent among the active players, and the staff has run out of ideas. In order to bring the game back to its former glory in middle school campuses throughout the Earth, Jagex fires the current head of Runescape and makes the decision to hire you for that position.

You are currently the head of a huge multiplayer game and have increased sway. There is a problem however: what do you need to do? If I were the thoughts of Runescape I'd confess not only is Runescape fighting but the genre is struggling (see World of Warcraft for example). However, one such match is going strong and that is League of Legends. I wouldn't copy what League of Legends is performing but try to OSRS Money check at several things you can learn from that match.

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Hi once again. I want serious information about RuneScape gold Dragon slayer quest. My principal acc in the sport is Vilnietiz2. I am missing 5 quest points, but can do this together with the Ernest the Chicken. Now I'm f2p person. The problem is, I'm gonna to do Dragon Slayer. My problem is my weakness. I can train on quite low enemis. Commonly these are lvl 9-19-21 guards of al-Kharid, Falador and Varrock. I can withstand duel with mountain giants. However, when I experience White knights, I confront the problem they do hit me and make sufficient damage (around 5 hp at one hit). Tried to duel with ice giants (due to their drops) - the bigger problem, they struck very severely.

So, if enemy that's equal to me, causes serious problems, meeting with enemy almost twice as powerfull, could be tragedy. After I'd acc with att 50, str 50, def 50, all rune (except platebody) and rune scimitar + potion of strenght + all inventory of high-level meals + antidragon shield. Elvarg devoured me. This time I will not neglect. That's why I need an serious advice. I've got some options: 1) abandon everything but defense. Train protection to Elvarg level (that can be 83).

It shouldn't bother me if my hit will be 10 - if I'm invincible to dragon's attack, it's ok. 2) abandon anything but strenght. In my top hit is not 11, however, say, 20 - I will complete evil dragon earlier and save on defense. 3) train all in equal levels and reach at all 70s: att 70, str.70, def 70. The best would be 83, although it may require some time. In top?levels (like 80s) I may own cocroaches both due to xp and fall. However, what about low level, like lousy 50?

I'M GETTING MY WINGS! However, I need help! I want to hear some activites to do while PC. This is going to take quite a while and I'm making weekly schedules(an activity while I pc) Ironic... I figure out if I'm gonna PC while PCing. I am good at Doing so mindlessly and will only get better at it. Let me hear what you do or what I must do to maintain a fair mind whilst doing this.

List up to Now. I bought DBZ season 1 to watch while I PC (900 minutes) and will be receiving the others shortly. Films. Go online forums. Play other games that are click then ceased (so I can continue looking at runescape) I really should know some games liek this men, please let me know. Workout - its do . What I can't do: Read a novel. Do assignments. Talk to buy rs 3 gold individuals via telephone -- thats hard.

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War banners are cool. To the point they've been neglected since discharge they don't even wield, although they had been a fashionscape secure for skillers in the previous days. First and foremost thank you for taking the time. Is the feminine character model. Since Solak came out I've been amazed on the quality of Merethiel's NPC the standard of it is far above what OSRS Gold players are use to. If you could make our players look like this you would attract a lot of female players old and new. I only think to maintain RuneScape up with all the best internet mmos, individuals will want to see a nicely designed player model rather than something that looks like tomb raider.

Female model literally uses the male version and it seems *horrible *, and most recent outfits are bulky and boxy. The textures are incredible, though - it's just the recycled models that are boxy. Once you attempt to mix and match A good deal of the new armor sets are REALLY bulky in areas and don't play nice. Especially on females, stuff such as the Equis armor has HUGE plates around the shoulders and waist, but extremely slender limbs which produce the character seem as though they're trying to wear something a few sizes too big, while the sheratan set is a great example of something that you could reasonably combine with other armor sets (Color/material fitting apart ).

RuneScape includes a theme? Proceed to Lumbridge and then to the crafting. When you do that, look around at the world. If there's any theme that comes from it would be"theme park". There's so much different stuff there the just doesn't fit. Giant portals at a swamp for a hidden town searching next to NPCs. Giant tower between two towns. Another giant portal site with lots of clutter around. The transitions are extremely abrupt also.

The death of Guthix has been the transition from mostly grounded medieval RPG to enormous bombastic dream elements and, while plot-wise it does work with his death bringing back the gods and all, the worldbuilding has been increasingly of an abysmal mess ever since. Dwarf Cannon came out in'03. Cave Goblin electricity was canon because'07. To be blunt, this"mostly grounded medieval" RuneScape Gold you talk of hasn't existed for the majority of RuneScape's life.It used to be (largely ) thematic, but then at some point they simply said"fuck world building" and, like you said, turned it into a theme park. More information please visit

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