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What types of programs are available to me for Study Abroad?

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posted Dec 5, 2018 by Sokna

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1 Answer

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Appalachian State students have many different types of programs to choose from. Listed below is a brief summary of your options. Please be sure to attend a Study Abroad 101 Workshop to learn more.

Faculty-led Programs
Appalachian State University offers Appalachian students the opportunity to enrol in fall, spring, and summer short-term faculty-led programs. These programs are led by Appalachian faculty and spend anywhere from one week to one month abroad. A majority of the programs hold class sessions on-campus or online before and after going abroad.

Appalachian Exchange Programs
Going abroad through Appalachian Exchange is a rewarding and affordable option for many Appalachian State students. On Appalachian Exchange, students pay the same tuition & fees they normally would if they were on campus for the semester. Students are then provided with those benefits at the host institution abroad as a student from that school will pay for the tuition and fees there and be coming to Appalachian to study. Room & board costs vary by program. A listing of exchange types can be found on the Program Cost page.

ISEP Programs
Appalachian State University is a member of ISEP, a non-profit, educational community dedicated to helping students overcome the financial and academic barriers to study abroad. Made up of 328 colleges and universities, members work together to connect students to affordable, high-quality academic programs in over 54 countries. Appalachian Students are eligible to apply for both ISEP-Exchange and ISEP-Direct programs worldwide. Please note that the costs vary by type of ISEP program.

Affiliate Study Abroad Programs
Appalachian State University has agreements with a wide range of affiliate programs which allows students to study in locations where we do not currently have exchange partners. Affiliates will often offer a package program price that includes tuition, housing, airport pickup, excursions, and so on. Please visit each individual affiliate page for cost information.

Dual Degree Programs
Appalachian State offers two dual degree programs: UDLAP Undergraduate Communication Dual Degree and MCI Graduate Physics Dual Degree. With a dual degree programs students complete part of their degree at Appalachian and part at the partner institution and upon graduation they receive a degree from both institutions.

Summer Partner Programs
Many of our partners offer programs during the summer semester. Each program is arranged directly through the partner and costs can vary by program.

International Internships
An international experience is not simply limited to the classroom. Your academic department is your best resource for finding internships, however, the Education Abroad Office has compiled some resources for students. Click on the link above to learn more about the process.

International Student Teaching
Students seeking the North Carolina teaching license are afforded opportunities to complete a portion of the student teaching experience in another country. Selected student teachers spend the first two-thirds of the student teaching semester in a North Carolina setting and the last one-third in an international school. International student teaching is an effective means of expanding understandings about teaching for the purpose of engaging in effective, culturally responsive teaching.

International Independent Study and Research
Conduct research abroad, participate in field studies or pursue your own independent academic goals.

answer Dec 6, 2018 by Boupha