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What are the key issues of Education in Cambodia?

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posted Nov 1, 2018 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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Poverty & Financial Problems
As a country still recovering from continuous wars that destroyed almost everything, there is still a long way before it can become a fully developed country. Consequently, many issues are expected, and the most important of allis corruption. This is not just a small problem that happens only in some minorparts of the government or at a few places; the corruption in Cambodia ishappening everywhere, from the top elites to the small kids who have justenrolled for a few years in primary school. In fact, corruption occurs sofrequently that it almost becomes a culture trend for Khmer people, imprinting adeep impression in their brains and to the later generations as well. Apart frombeing a country full of corruption, Cambodia is also a very poor country.
Due to corruption being enabled in every sector of the society, students are so familiar with it that school does not seem like a place where their mind and knowledge are enforced anymore. It is only a place where someone gets through from one year to another until the end of the final year and gets abought certificate, and then they are out hoping to find jobs and do businesses. Sure there are many students graduating from universities each year, but the qualities of those students are still very doubtful.

On my point of view, the first step in order to renovate our education system is to solve the corruption problem which is still evolving in our nation. However, we cannot solve this problem in one go. Thus, focusing solely on theEducation System should be our main objective. Saying so, the minister of Education should strengthen the management over the education system and see to it that every plan is carried out successfully in all education sectors. Also, the government should participate in this process by eliminating the corruption of the elites as much as possible. Moreover, the government should give more attention to the renovation of the education system and find methods to increase the salary for teachers so that they will have enough income to support their living standards. In turn, they can fully focus on educating and fostering the young generations with a free and uncorrupted mind.

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answer Nov 13, 2018 by Khemara