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Is it a good option to study abroad for an MBBS?

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posted Jan 4, 2019 by Darareaksmey

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1 Answer

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Studying MBBS abroad, except for countries like US, UK, CAN, or AUS can be the worst mistake of your life.

MBBS is one of the most competitive and demanding profession. That's why you need to clear NEET before entering into it. Student, who can't clear NEET to start looking for other alternatives to become a doctor and end up in the countries like, Russia, China, Ukraine, Armenia, Seychelles, Caribbean countries etc. Lemme clear one thing here, NONE OF THESE COUNTRIES' MBBS DEGREE IS RECOGNISED BY MCI.

Duration of MBBS in any of these countries is 6 years, but before enrolling for MBBS, you need to learn a native language for 1–2 years to interact with the patients in their native language. So total duration becomes 7–8 years followed by a year-long COMPULSORY INTERNSHIP IN INDIA AFTER CLEARING MCI SCREENING.

Now, lemme tell you something about MCI Screening exam, which is one of the toughest exams for foreign medical graduate (FMG) students with a passing percentage of around 15–20% in the first attempt.

Let's consider the cost also, average MBBS cost in any of the above-mentioned country including accommodation is around 40–50 lacs. So, after spending 40–50 lacs and 7–8 years you'll get a piece of paper that needs to be validated by MCI Screening and a year-long Internship in India.

The average cost of MBBS is any of the private universities is around 30–50 lacs (excluding deemed universities). So, you can get into private, if not government college after a year-long preparation.

I would strongly recommend all the MBBS aspirations to retake your NEET with full preparation and get MBBS here in India. It will help to save 2–3 years and a piece of mind of getting a recognised degree.

answer Jan 7, 2019 by Phirum