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Do you think it's worth it to Study Abroad?

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posted Jan 4, 2019 by Khean

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1 Answer

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Benefits of Studying Abroad -

Experience new culture & place - Studying abroad gives you an opportunity to see the world and to experience a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities
- The best thing about any international university is the plethora of courses they offer to all students. You can choose from a wide variety of subjects – depending upon your choice and capability.
Improve your people skills - It gives you exposure to many different types of people will not only help you to develop your people skills.
Learn to be independent & responsible - It teaches you independence and being responsible for your own laundry, grocery shopping, and cooking
Career opportunities - Last but not the least, a degree from a different country looks great to prospective employers

answer Jan 7, 2019 by Nongvutha