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Why should schools use School Management Software?

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posted Jan 18 by Chanmony

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1 Answer

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There are lots of Advantage of using School management software, if you are a teacher or maybe own a school then you know how confusing and time-consuming is it to maintain all the records of student and to update there file as well. By using School management software we can easily maintain the records.

Student Attendance: taking attendance online be done quickly and fewer errors and the student's attendance information is available to parents immediately
Examination: you can upload the time table online so that parents also know when was the exam was and can also provide the report card online
Student/Parent Login & Employee login: by having a login page the teacher students and the parents have their own access and id to login
Batches & Courses: the timetable for everyday class and syllabus can be easily updated on the software
Student Information: online you can easily insert all the student's information and also update it easily

answer Jan 21 by Mealea