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How is the exponential growth in educational technology applicable to this new push for learner-centered education?

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posted Feb 14 by Richard

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1 Answer

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Technology is in every field, which is making so much more possible and not always in the ways that we think. When people think of educational technology, they usually think of direct learner experience — kids in front of computers.

And that is some of what it entails, but, more important, it allows kids to be able to have portfolios of their learning online so that they can actually document and demonstrate the learning that they have had.

It also allows for the coordination of educators who are not so proximate to one another.

So, an educator might have a learning experience at the library or in a museum, and the information about that experience can be uploaded to a central system so other educators can learn from that. It also allows for people to learn across the world, redefining a classroom space.

Essentially, it creates the opportunity for learning to happen anywhere, and with a lot of different people. And in the specific capacity of learner-centred education, it certainly makes it more scalable.

answer Feb 15 by Khemara