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What is technology doing to help learner-centered education, and where can it improve?

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posted Feb 14 by Polen

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1 Answer

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Right now, technology is making the current system more efficient. So, most technology is designed to fit the way classrooms are designed, the way school is designed and the way districts are designed now.

What is most needed for the learner-centred movement are technologies that are not designed assuming that a student is taking a class and that's how they're going to get the credit.

Learning platforms are an example of something that we need to completely reimagine and invent to fit learner-centred environments.

There needs to be a system designed with the assumption that students will be assessed in a lot of different ways and that evidence of learning is not always going to be a grade.

There’s a huge empty space right now in the technology field for people who are actually investing for the future because most people are inventing for the present.

answer Feb 15 by Sokna