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What is the greatest issue for K–12 classrooms when it comes to technology integration?

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posted Feb 14 by Lita

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1 Answer

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I think so many educators are still just giving kids the latest technology as a substitute for what we used to do, essentially taking what we did on paper and pencil and now making it electronic.

The issue with that is we are not really transforming the learning with the technology that we have, and I see it a lot. Often, teachers think that they are pigeonholed by only doing technology during “technology time,” as though we are still using the old computer lab model where kids would go down the hall twice a week for 45 minutes to use technology.

It is incredible because a lot of schools have invested a lot of money in Chromebooks and they are limited their uses to strictly Google Classroom or when they're typing.

Those applications are fine, but I talk a lot about how to integrate technology in cool ways for engagement purposes, like during social studies or math lessons or science. So much of it is not even reliant on the teacher, which can take the pressure off for teachers who feel like they need to be the expert.

And they shouldn't even try to be the expert. They should just know enough to introduce the concept to the students.

answer Feb 15 by Chito