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How do we educate our educators so they can keep up with the rapidly changing pace of Edtech?

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posted Feb 20, 2019 by Chanmony

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1 Answer

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As members of the tech industry, it’s on us to provide educators with tangible help, like ensuring affordable access to the subscriptions, apps and devices they need to effectively teach our digitally-savvy youth. Beyond just providing teachers with access to these tools, we need to teach them how to use them. Training programs, conferences, webinars and boot camps will boost teachers’ confidence and keep them competitive in the digital learning age.

The global economy will be propelled by advancements in technology, and it is critical that classrooms keep pace. As the landscape changes, we must ensure we’re educating our students to be prepared for the tech-centric world they are entering. At the same time, we can take advantage of these technological advances to help educate the educators. For example, artificial intelligence-powered software will be able to create specific content for individual students, so they can master subjects more effectively. As AI and machine learning change how we approach student learning and measure success, teachers have a right to feel confident about navigating the technologies that will help them personalize their teaching to each student and help them find efficiencies for administrative tasks as well.

answer Feb 22, 2019 by Khean