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What are some of the key challenges and opportunities in Edtech today?

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posted Feb 25, 2019 in EdTech by Nongvutha

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1 Answer

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I believe that edtech leaders must increasingly recognize the importance of reaching people who are being left behind by technology. Even as edtech helps broaden the availability of high-quality educational opportunities, we must ensure that these opportunities are available to everyone, not just those with access to digital technologies and a strong understanding of how to use them.

I also think that the edtech field will also be forced to confront the fact that technology is not an end unto itself—the teaching and learning is what matters most. Unless we ultimately merge with machines and all decide to upload our brains into the cloud, there will always be a time when it makes sense to put down our smartphones, pick up an old-fashioned notebook, and get back to basics.

Even so, advances in learning analytics will help improve education. They will enable better measurement and understanding of learning processes. While we’re collecting ever-larger troves of education data all the time, we still sometimes struggle to assess whether learning is actually happening. This is particularly true when it comes to skills like teamwork and communication.

answer Feb 26, 2019 by Chito