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What are the biggest difficulties facing educational technology startups?

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posted Feb 26 by Sokna

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1 Answer

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Biggest Difficulties Facing Educational Technology startups are:

  • Not too often but occasionally, Edtech start-ups face technical difficulties due to bugs in software programming.
  • Only, people who are accustomed to regular use of smartphones or computers can operate the application designed by Edtech companies.
  • Extensive modules and features provided by the companies in their software makes it difficult for the users to use the application.
  • In the Absence of internet-network, it difficult for users to access the applications, which is a significant setback.
  • The risk of data mishandling might be bothersome; but all these drawbacks can be evaded by choosing proper, cost-efficient and best software that best benefits an organization.
answer Feb 27 by Jorani