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How technology enhances teaching and learning?

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posted Mar 5, 2019 by Richard

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1 Answer

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Despite what many think - your role as a teacher hasn't changed with the advent of technology; it is and always will be to facilitate, encourage, engage, reinforce, assess, etc. It's just that you now have an almost overwhelming number of tools at your disposal to do those things. It's critical to find a good balance for using technology in your profession. This doesn't mean you need to use technology in every teaching situation, but rather that you continually ask yourself, "What can my students and I do with technology that cannot be done without it?". Then, together with your students, seek ways to discover and leverage the power of technologies as tools for learning. There are likely three ways you use technology in your career as a teacher:

To deliver instruction: You might use technology to present learning material and create interactive learning experiences for students in your class. For example, you might create a Prezi to show students the "big ideas" and to relate concepts, or design a SoftChalk lesson just like this one to present content and provide interactive activities.
For professional growth/administrative tasks: You might use technology to manage your day-to-day administrative and professional responsibilities. For example, you might use the school's email system to send correspondence to your administrators, use Twitter as a way to keep current and connected to your subject matter, or research a topic using the Internet.
For student learning/collaboration: You likely ask your students to use technology for learning and collaboration. For example, you might assign students to work as a virtual team to produce a collaborative presentation in Google Drive, or ask them to createtext annotation indicator a vod/podcast to demonstrate creativity and mastery of a topic.

answer Mar 6, 2019 by Khemara