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How can we improve learning and education through Augmented Reality?

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posted Mar 14, 2019 by Richard

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1 Answer

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Learning and education can be improved by Augmented Reality as:

Nowadays, data is generated in huge amount. Big data analytics is used to analyse it. It is structured as well as unstructured data that is generated.

Augmented reality helps students and teachers to visualise 3-D models in the real world, in real time. Most classroom curriculum is theoretical and for kids to understand what’s being taught, they actually need to picture it in their minds. This helps them to be more creative.

AR doesn’t impede this growth but accelerates it. Kids now don’t need to picture in their heads what things in real life might me like but can actually see and feel them. This takes imagination and creativity to a whole new level as now AR is the base on which they will build their imaginative castles.

Interactive learning
Augmented reality helps in making learning fun and easy to understand. It makes a student more engaged in studies.

It increases the thinking process of the students and brings ideas to life.

Less stress
As students understand things easily and grasp the complex concepts faster so the stress levels are reduced.

answer Mar 15, 2019 by Sokna