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What are the big trends in the education and training sectors, globally?

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posted Mar 27, 2019 by Chito

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1 Answer

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The high share of the youth population, coupled with growing enrolment ratios and strong government incentives, has resulted in the rapid expansion of the education industry in Asia Pacific, and especially in the Emerging and Developing Asia region. Indian educational institutions were the most profitable globally in 2016, whilst China had the largest education industry in absolute terms. However, due to huge demographics, revenues per capita were well below the average in developed countries, indicating strong growth potential.

Populations in developed countries are ageing rapidly, while the concentration of the youth population in developing and emerging nations is high. As a result, the Philippines and India lead according to the number of primary education institutions, while EU members such as France, Norway and Spain have the volume advantage in adult and other education.

answer Mar 28, 2019 by Chanmony