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What will a AI-based classroom look like?

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posted Apr 26, 2019 by Chito

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1 Answer

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With AI, every aspect of the traditional learning environment is up for reimagining. Will the classroom continue to be a physical space? Or instead, will it be a virtual “space” using networked augmented or virtual reality technologies? The answer is yes to both, and the student in tomorrow’s AI-based educational experience will be exposed to an immersive, digital education heretofore unimaginable. The distributed, networked, virtual reality classroom is both enormously exciting, and, at the same time, frightening for its potential. There are major challenges to measuring success in an AI-based educational process. For instance, if our students can become more deeply involved in the pathways of their own learning through AI, measurement will occur moment to moment, as well as the success of remediation. In a best-case scenario, we will know at the end of each student’s day if s/he is meeting requirements and quickly correct deficiencies as necessary to stay on track. Worst-case—students already falling behind will be left behind entirely by this new AI-based reality. In any case, there are profound moral questions to consider with a system such as this, and policymakers must understand the underlying dynamics of the technologies at play if they are to fully support society.

answer Apr 27, 2019 by Darareaksmey