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Why Edtech entrepreneurs hold the key to the future of education?

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posted May 2, 2019 by Boupha

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1 Answer

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Developers are creating products aimed at enriching the classroom experience. New technologies that are being advanced not only change the field for learners but also the role of educators. There has been a paradigm shift in approaches towards teaching. In addition, the incorporation of technology in the education industry has gone a long way in remodeling the classroom.

Most startups and established EdTech companies are seeking to enrich students’ learning experience by sparking their imagination through the use of hands-on technology gadgets. These gadgets typically incorporate a range of DIY kits, online resources, and activities that are learner-oriented. With technology, it will be easier to undertake one-on-one tutoring at an enormous scale.

answer May 3, 2019 by Khean