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What is the main objective of educational technology?

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posted Sep 3, 2019 by Rainsey

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1 Answer

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  1. Educational technology improves the teaching-learning process and makes it more effective and process oriented as well.

  2. Electronic and mechanical gadget which a common man possesses can be used for educational requirements.

  3. Educational technology has not only maintained the standard of education but also improved the ways of teaching by giving teaching aids and programmed instructional material etc.

  4. Television, radio, V.C.R. and computers can enrich as well as effect very much the education. Television, radio, tape-recorder and programmed instruction can also do wonders in the field of distance and correspondence education.

  5. Mechanism of feedback devices for modification of teaching-learning behaviour can produce effective teachers in training schools.

  6. New innovation of system analysis in the field of educational technology can help in solving educational administrative problems.

  7. Structure as well as nature of teaching can be developed and enriched with the help of educational technology. It innovates new teaching models through which we can achieve the objectives of education.

  8. Scientific foundation of education which is the main force of development of the theories of teaching and instruction is providing by educational technology.

  9. Educational technology provides practice and strategies for reducing individual differences or strategies and practices which help teachers to teach according to individual differences of the learners.

answer Sep 4, 2019 by Khemara