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How to use technology to Improve Student Achievements?

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posted Sep 10, 2019 by Sokna

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1 Answer

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The growth of technology has allowed anything possible in the modern era. The technology has influenced almost every field including education. The influence of technology in the education field is beyond measure. In the present day, various technologies are utilized to improve student achievements in schools, colleges, and universities. A lot of studies have found that when executed right, the technology could bring in major gains in student success and make the better engagement. Teachers these days consider that technology enhances student engagement in the classroom that any other methods. Technology has efficiently incorporated into teaching and learning process at the moment. It is evidently having a positive impact on increasing student success through test scores and the gaining of new skills

  • Improve student achievements
  • Technology Literacy Along With Academic Success
  • Different technologies
  • Different Roles
  • Positive Effect
  • Technologies to Do Assignments
answer Sep 11, 2019 by Boupha