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How can educational leaders and policymakers support and accelerate digital transformation in the K-12 system?

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posted Sep 20, 2019 in K12 by Boupha

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1 Answer

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If you walk into any American public school, chances are you’ll see some technology in use. Most public schools today operate in a blended print-digital environment. But layering technology on top of the existing structure can only minimally improve outcomes. To realize the full potential for technology we need to provide support for educators to help transform the delivery model. I expect in 2017, we’ll see movement toward changing instruction in a way that will begin to unleash the promise of technology. That means doing the hard work of supporting teachers. It also means focusing on the issue of seamlessly integrating technology by encouraging school districts and technology providers to support IMS Global interoperability standards. Without industry-wide coordination on this issue, schools will struggle to piece technology solutions together in coherent ways.

answer Sep 23, 2019 by Darareaksmey