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Are these technology tools additional materials that allow students to do and teachers to facilitate learning?

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posted Sep 23, 2019 by Khean

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1 Answer

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In the new era of learning, technology plays a fundamental role in the processes of teaching children and adolescents. The Most Popular Digital Education Tools For Teachers And Learners

Hundreds of digital education tools have been created with the purpose of giving autonomy to the student, improving the administration of academic processes, encouraging collaboration, and facilitating communication between teachers and learners. Here we present 11 of the most popular.

  1. Edmodo
  2. Socrative
  3. Projeqt
  4. Thinglink
  5. TED-Ed
  6. cK-12
  7. ClassDojo
  8. eduClipper
  9. Storybird
  10. Animoto
  11. Kahoot!
answer Sep 24, 2019 by Rainsey