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How has technology changed the teacher student relationship?

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posted Sep 24, 2019 by Nongvutha

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1 Answer

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Rapport between students and teachers is essential to learning. Learners need to make a connection between the knowledge they receive and the person presenting it. The connection is especially important to second-language acquisition. Without a connection, learners can struggle to make sense of what they are trying to learn. However, more and more learners are turning to the internet to develop their language skills. Online communities mean that learners can support each other with a tutor taking a more detached role. But many writers who look at Computer Mediated Communication (CMC) feel that the 'power' relationship between student and teacher is being eroded and that the internet is creating an equal and more anonymous relationship. In other words, the student-teacher relationship is changing dramatically with fewer barriers and less distance than before.

answer Sep 25, 2019 by Monich