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How to choose career counselling certification Program in India?

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“Life is a race, if you don’t run fast you’ll be like a broken anda (egg)”. Do you remember this famous line from 3 Idiots said by Virus (Viru SahastraBudhhe)? There are 2 important elements highlighted here, let us consider 2 elements from a career counsellor’s standpoint. As a career counsellor is there a scope to help someone who is already running fast or not running at all?As a career counsellor do you think you can help fix a broken anda(egg)?

According to a report by the WHO, we (India) are the most depressed country in the world followed by China and the USA. In the last 10 years, 42.5 % of the corporate employee in India suffer from anxiety or depression. Have you ever wondered how could you actively help in rectifying this grave situation?

Surely after reading this you must have realized the importance of career counsellors in India.

India is in dire need of career counsellors. Stats show that India needs 1.4 million career counsellors for 350+ million students. Currently, we have less than 10,000 professionally trained career counsellors. That means for every 35000 students we have only one career counsellor. Career counselling requirements are increasing in India day by day but to meet this huge demand we have only a handful of counsellors and among them, properly trained career counsellors are very less. This is further worsening the gap.

It’s not true that only veteran career counsellors and psychologists can provide the right career counselling. To become a career counsellor, professional career counselling certification training is the primary need of an hour.Career Counsellors are like Doctors who spend a lot of time in analysis and then recommend the best career path to students and professionals seeking career counselling.

Today, there are a lot of career counselling certification programs available in India to bridge this gap. Selecting the right certification is key. The kind of career counselling certification which you choose can decide your success.Keeping this in mind, we have shortlisted 5 key parameters to consider before selecting any career counselling certification program. It is based on our research conducted during 2018-2019

1. Trainer Led Live training: In the market, there are many programs which are online. Career counselling as a concept needs more understanding of applied psychology, case studies and career analysis that is not possible if it is self-based course.
It is highly recommended to have an Instructor based program where the instructor resolves your doubts and share lots of learnings and real-time scenarios. You can also look at the background of the trainer and years of experience which will help to determine his/her credibility. The expertise and the immense knowledge which a trainer possess can help you sail your endeavour.

Can training through binge-watching of videos answer your specific queries?


2. Curriculum: Curriculum is the backbone of any career counselling certification. Before opting for any certification make sure to go through the curriculum. The curriculum should have high weightage in psychology and psychometric concepts, case study, career path analysis and scenarios. The curriculum should not end up just explaining the education system and different boards in India.

Can overly theoretical or irrelevant curriculum help you dealing with practical queries of your clients?


3. Years of experience and Ratings: Hands down this is by far the most important thing any professional should consider before getting certified. You should always consider looking at reviews, ratings and alumni network. You should check the growth cycle of the participants.

Can any training organisation impart quality training and support if they themselves haven’t seen the full growth cycle of their own trained career counsellors?


4. Hand Holding: It is not sufficient even if you get the best career counselling certification. It should be followed by initial hand holdings and support. As per our research 98%, career counsellors admit they got 60% of their learning, confidence and understanding after initial hand-holding. Thus, Hand holding plays a huge role in sharpening the skills of an individual.

What is the use of a certificate if one doesn’t have the confidence to provide counselling to their client?


5. Technology Platform: Psychometric assessment is a very critical component of any career counselling training. It forms the foundation of any career counselling activity.
Before choosing an Assessment technology platform, there are few questions, one should definitely ponder about. Does it provide a holistic view of an individual? Is it valid and reliable? Does it provide accurate and precise results? Is it constantly updated?
Many companies are the resellers of psychometric assessment. It is always better to have in the house, the well-tested psychometric assessment so that many insights can be shared during and after the training. It will certainly help in effective career counselling.

What is the use of a certification program if you don’t have access to your personalised career assessment platform to kick start your practice?


“The quality of Career Counselling certification will determine the quantity of counselling you conduct.”

If you consider the above 5 parameters to decide the best career counselling certification, you have a higher probability of succeeding in career counselling practice.

posted Sep 24, 2019 by Manish Aryan

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If asked to take a walk down the memory lane into your childhood, what are the first few things you’d remember?

Your memories with family, friends, your school and… TEACHERS!

Teachers play a crucial role in every student’s life. They are every student’s first guide to academics & career. As a Teacher, one not only is responsible to deliver subject knowledge but also impart moral values for life. A teacher’s role doesn’t end here, their responsibilities vary from student to student based on the relationship they build with them.

Why does a Teacher play a vital role in Student Career Guidance?

Recall your classroom and remember what you initially wanted to become. When a Teacher, Principal or Parent asks ‘What do you want to become in life?’ most of us have our answers ready like Astronaut, Pilot, Doctor, Journalist, Teacher, Actor, and so on. Well, the truth is that not all of us end up doing what our first career choices are. Why not? Because of the lack of information and career guidance.

As a Teacher, you already are a career guide to your students. They not only look up to you for the area of the subject you teach but also for their further interests, information around it and scope of it for their future. A student learns words like profession, career, college and success in school, and look up to their teachers for guidance. Since students spend most of their time at school, only a Teacher can know their aspirations better.

How can a Teacher help in Student Career Guidance?

Being a Teacher, you already have gone through a student’s milestone years. School, Entrances, College, University and finally landed a Career of your choice. This itself gives you an opportunity to remember your journey and guide the students better.

Having a career conversation during class helps in sharing knowledge, as well as build curiosity among students. This helps them understand their interests and importance of education and learning from a very young age. They say ‘it is the destiny of few to mentor greatness’, and as a Teacher, it is the biggest privilege to guide students towards a brighter future.

Ask yourself if you have the passion towards Teaching as a profession and want to guide your students if the answer is yes, there’s nothing that can stop you. Consider yourself as one of those Super Teachers who goes the extra mile for their student’s success.

As a Teacher you can follow these activities to guide your students better:

  • Conduct a class survey on careers and take up topics on various professions twice a week
  • While teaching a particular subject, make sure you give some career examples
  • Make sure you are interacting with your students and show that you are equally interested in their career choices
  • Talk to their parents about their wards career thoughts during PTMs
  • Encourage students to research and polish their skill set

Well, the list can go on, but as a professional one must also take up a course that will help in identifying, understanding and analyzing a student’s interests, strength, desire and behaviour.

You must be thinking that you’re a Teacher and not a Career Counselor, but why not a Career Counselor? As a Teacher you already are playing the role of a Career Guide, a smarter thing to do would be a professional certification that will enhance your knowledge and skill set to help guide your students better, in return adding immense value to your own professional graph.

Your intention to guide students is 100% sincere, but is it possible to guide an entire class? Or the whole batch for the matter? Here’s where a renowned certification will not only provide the above benefits but also give you a 360 degrees exposure to the education industry along with its changing needs.

Ever since the Central Board for Secondary Education has made it mandatory for schools to have counsellors, progressive schools in India have been eagerly looking for professional & certified career counsellors.

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